Mattress Removal London

Getting rid of an old mattress can be a real problem. It certainly won’t squeeze into the average car and hiring a van or a skip might cost you more than the mattress did in the first place. Far too often, it’s left to go mouldy in the garage or shed or else takes up much-needed space in the house. A far quicker, cheaper and hassle-free solution is to call Rubbish Removal London and let us take it away for you.

    All-London mattress clearance

    Mattress Removal London

    Regardless of where you are in London, we’re able to take your old mattress away. We collect right across the capital and within a 40-mile radius of the M25. We’ll carry the mattress out of your property for you and even take away any other junk you want shifting at the same time.

    Everyone’s mattresses
    We don’t just collect old mattresses for domestic customers, we also remove them from hotels, holiday properties, hospitals, nursing homes and anywhere else.

    Kinds of mattresses we take
    We remove all types of mattresses, regardless of their condition or size or whether they are sprung or made from foam. Our experienced teams and specialist vehicles are equipped to remove them all. We can collect multiple mattresses at once and will take your old bedframes, headboards and divans at the same time. We even take bedside cabinets, wardrobes, camp beds, chests of drawers and other bedroom furniture.

    Disposing of old mattresses responsibly

    Mattress Removal

    You’ll be pleased to know that Rubbish Removal London disposes of old mattresses responsibly. Environment Agency registered, we comply with all regulations and go above and beyond to recycle as much of the rubbish we collect as possible. When it comes to mattresses, their material, foam and metal springs can often be recycled or repurposed. Indeed, some are in such good condition that they can be donated or reused by organisations helping others in need. You can also be assured that nothing we collect ends up in landfill.

    Eco-friendly mattress removal
    Aside from recycling old mattresses, Rubbish Removal London is making significant efforts to reduce our own impact on the environment. Today, we deploy teams to work in local areas, reducing how far they need to travel to get to you, and we use GPS tracking to shorten their routes even further. As a result, we have significantly cut our CO2 emissions and other types of pollution.

    Mattress Removal

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    Swift mattress clearance

    Rubbish Removal London has everything in place to remove your mattress quickly. With experienced teams locally based across our catchment area, we can get to properties anywhere within 40 miles of the M25 swiftly.
    What’s more, our same-day mattress removal service means those with limited space or where the mattress is a safety hazard, can have an express removal within just a couple of hours of getting in touch.

    Flexible removal times

    Getting rid of an old mattress shouldn’t be something that impinges on your time. With Rubbish Removal London, there’s no need to take time off work or change your schedule as we have collection times to suit everyone. You can book a slot at any time between 7 a.m. and 11.30 p.m., seven days a week, including bank holidays, and we will provide you with a guaranteed, one-hour arrival window, so there’s no unnecessary waiting around.

    Safer mattress removal

    Fully licenced, trained and insured, our collection teams will take great care to ensure no damage or injury happens when we take the mattress from your property.

    We also take safeguarding very seriously and you can rest assured that all our employees are DBS background checked. Additionally, they carry company-issued identification badges, drive branded vehicles and wear company uniforms.

    Low-cost mattress removal

    The cost of living crisis means everyone needs to keep an eye on prices and we do everything we can to keep our costs low. That’s why our fees are based solely on the volume and weight of the items we collect. This, we believe, is a fairer way to pay for mattress removal and one that offers great value for money.
    In addition, we are transparent about our costs and there are no hidden charges. You won’t pay a surcharge for early morning, late evening, weekend or bank holiday removal, and we will never pass on parking fees or congestion charges.

    Get a no-obligation mattress removal quote today

    Getting a no-obligation mattress removal quote from us is easy. Simply call, send an email or fill in the contact form, telling us what size mattress you want to be taken away. If you can send us a photo, that will help us give you a more accurate quote as we’ll be able to better estimate the volume and weight.

    If you’re happy with our quote and decide to continue, we can book a mattress collection at a time that’s suitable for you.